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The John Krauland, Jr. Foundation is proud to announce a Community Assistance Program. John was always willing to help out family, friends, and even strangers. He would drop everything he was doing to help someone who needed it. He always went over to his grandparents' house to assist them. He would also help family and friends in various ways such as: cutting down trees, putting down hardwood floors, and moving. A perfect example of how much John cared about people was when a seventeen-year-old boy rear ended him. John learned he was on his way to a tennis match. John offered to drive him to the match, as his car was no longer drivable. The following day John called him to ask, "Did you win?!" No matter what anyone needed, John had the biggest heart and was always there with open arms. As a result, the foundation would like to continue to help families, friends, and community members by creating a Community Assistance Program. Maybe a family member's furnace broke in the middle of winter and they can't afford one right away. Maybe an elderly neighbor can't cut his or her grass. Please let the foundation know how we can help. If you know of anyone that may be having a difficult time and is in need of some assistance, please fill out the following form and send an email to with the subject heading "Community Assistance." and the form below.
We would like to help one person or family per month!

If a business in the community is interested in providing services or discounted rates, please fill out the Donation of Service form. If you are not representing a business but would be willing to donate your time and service, please also fill out the form or send us an e-mail with the subject heading "Donation of Services".

The Foundation will not publish any personal information, or post any likenesses, of those who volunteer or identify someone in need without their prior consent, but may post details about projects undertaken and work done around the community.

We hope to keep John's spirit alive and continue to help make life a little easier and happier!

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People We Have Helped

In July 2019 the foundation donated to a family from Cabot who is going through a very difficult time after the passing of their mother.

In June 2019 the foundation donated to two families and to the West Deer Dog Shelter. The one family we helped was severely impacted by all the rain we received in Zelienople where their house flooded. The second family the foundation helped was a family who lost a husband and a father of two at 29 years old.

In May we had to say goodbye to our beloved golden retriever Allie. John loved her so much!! After John passed away Allie would sit by the driveway waiting for him to come home!!! She missed him so much, and I can only imagine them reuniting in heaven!!! It has brought me happy tears that they get to be together again!!! In honor of Allie and John the foundation has donated to the West Deer Dog Shelter. Hoping that those dogs will find their forever homes!! Thank you to all the volunteers there who donate their time to give the dogs love during such a scary time in their lives.

In May 2019 the foundation donated to all three local West Deer Fire Departments.

In April 2019 the foundation donated to a family who lost their house, all of their belongings, and car in a house fire.

In January 2019 the foundation donated to a family who unexpectedly lost a husband who was 29 years old and a father of two.

In July 2018 the foundation donated to Mason Sanders who is 10 years old. He was diagnosed with B cell ALL Leukemia and has begun chemotherapy.

In February 2018 the foundation donated to Christian Foertsch who is fighting a courageous battle against brain cancer. He found out on January 25th that he had a brain tumor and immediately started his fight. He had surgery on February 13th to remove as much of the tumor as possible. He has a wife and two young daughters who are by his side.

In December 2017 the foundation donated to a family in Butler who has six children and lost their home and all the items in it right before the holidays.

The John Krauland Jr. Foundation was so glad to be able to donate to help Jacob Lavrich with his Eagle Scout Project of rehabbing the Deer Creek Preschool playground! Absolutely amazng work was done by him to make sure the preschoolers can have fun and are safe to play. Thank you to Colleen Zaremski for putting a bench in memory of John there, I know he is smiling down at the sight of this rehab.

In November 2017 the foundation donated to a family to help pay for the funeral of a loved one.

In October 2017, the foundation donated to Michelle Yeager Krill. On September 27th she was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer - Cholangioccarcinoma. Her family was informed that traditional chemo and radiation alone might not work for her. She has three children, a husband, and a loving family she is fighting to survive for.

The foundation has made a donation to Shawn McLean. Shawn suffers from muscular dystrophy and he is at the stage of his life where he is in need of a wheelchair, a new van, and upgrades to his home to accommodate his needs.

The foundation donated to the Lab for Liam fundraiser. Liam is five years old and has down syndrome and autism. The dog he will receive will be able to recognize the circumstances of the child's needs and respond appropriately.

The foundation donated over 140 toys to the West Deer Toy Drive sponsored by the West Deer Police Department in December 2016. The foundation is thankful to help bring smiles to the children of John's community on Christmas morning.

The foundation donated to a family who unexpectedly lost their 8 year old son in a quad accident to help pay for funeral expenses.

The foundation has donated to a family who unexpectedly lost a husband/father/grandfather to help pay for funeral expenses and other things the family might need.

The foundation donated to a veteran who was wounded in 2005 by a vehicle bourne I.E.D. The funds helped pay for his new service dog named Cochese. Cochese helps him with his vertigo and balance problems, wakes him up from nightmares and allows him to stop having to take medication he was on.